How To Choose The Right Server for Your WordPress Website and Project

As WordPress User or Developer or WordPress Designer, sometimes we need to pick the right one for our server. Install WordPress on VPS Server, On Cloud Server or on Dedicated Server or just on Shared Server.

We will the right tips now, it’s about How To Choose The Right Server for Your WordPress Website and Project. Choose the right Server so you didn’t run out money.

For me, the easiest answer is using VPS. Why VPS? Right now many VPS server really cheap and already have nice options.  But not all WordPress user really Geekly on Server right? If you part on this area keep reading.

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How To Choose The Right Server for Your WordPress Website and Project

  1. Choose Shared Hosting Server

    It’s the best option if you not so Geekly on WordPress, just purchased and on Shared Hosting Install WordPress just Clik and Next follow the guide and you were done. Shared Hosting also offering Cheap Price. But if you WordPress Sites already have huge traffic you should choose another option and move your WordPress sites there.

  2. Choose VPS Hosting Server

    VPS Server is nicely options, it’s a like you have Dedicated Server but work on Virtual. You need to know a bit about Setup Server and configure it. VPS Server also offering upgrade package. So if you WordPress Server already got Huge Traffic, you can simply upgrade it and done. VPS Server is a bit pricey than Shared Hosting. Please, Notes you can Downgrade your Server after Upgrade.

  3. Choose Cloud Hosting Server

    Right now, many Cloud Hosting already available and it’s super easy to use. Just Sign Up and a bit configuration and you already have a WordPress Sites. Right now, my favorite Cloud Hosting Server that offering WordPress is CloudWays

  4. Choose Dedicated Hosting Server

    This Option is the right one if you already have HUGE Traffic on your WordPress Site. This is an extremely nice option but also pricey too.

  5. Choose /WordPress VIP Server

    Automattic a Company behind also have Free and Premium Service on you can use with Sub Domain for Free or you can use your own Domain and hosted on for More Customizable add Ads Service and more with any price range.

So, which one you choose?

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