April 2022 Update Age Of Empires IV (#AOE4) Tambah Keren dan Sangar

Anda Pemain dan Penggemar Game Strategi Terbaik di Dunia Age of Empire IV pasti akan semakin dimanjakan, walaupun di Versi Publik Beta belum semua disertakan di April 2022 Update ini, tapi pembaharuan yang diberikan sudah cukup bermanfaat.

Beberapa Fitur yang diharapkan oleh Pemain sudah mulai disertakan di April Update ini. Berikut ini beberapa change logs dari April 2022 Update dari Game Age of Empires IV ini. Jangan lupa baca juga Keyboard Shortcut Age of Empires IV

Catatan Age of Empires IV  – Seasons Update

Catatan kami ini ambil dari website resmi dan masih dalam Bahasa Ingrris, semoga kalian faham, jika butuh versi Bahasa beritahu kami.

  • Ranked Season tier terminology and artwork more closely align, with the number of weapons present on each badge matching the tier. In the image below, we’re showing the badges for Tier III (such as Gold III).
  • Several balance changes were made with PUP feedback in mind:
    • Stone Wall Tower cost increased from 200 to 300 stone
    • SUL Herbal Medicine technology moved from the Dark Age to the Castle Age
    • CHI Imperial Official train time reduced from 30 to 20 seconds (This is reverting the change from the original PUP release notes)
    • SUL and ABB orchard bonus reduced from +250 to +100 food
    • RUS Banded Arms bonus range decreased from +1.5 to +0.5
  • PUP participants also called out a number of bugs we were able to fix before this release:
    • Attempting to observe a modded game when you do not have the same mods enabled should no longer result in a crash
    • Improvements made to sheep to allow for easier selection
    • Selection tool should now prioritize siege unit selection over building selection when the unit overlaps with a building
    • Fixed an issue from the PUP build where custom games that require mods sometimes do not show up as modded in the custom game browser
    • Fixed an issue found in the PUP where infantry could occasionally sneak through palisade walls near bastions
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Fitur Ranked Siap dimainkan Age of Empires IV
Fitur Ranked Siap dimainkan Age of Empires IV

New Features and Highlights

    • Introducing the Age of Empires IV Content Editor (Beta)! With this powerful tool, creators are invited to embrace and create their own ideas within the game and share them with the wider community! We talk more about the Content Editor below, including providing a quick overview of the in-house-created mods launching with Season One.
    • Our first ever Ranked Season starts next week, April 13th! Prepare your best strategies and work your way through the ranks over the next several weeks.
    • Based on your feedback, we’ve implemented the Global Build Queue! The Global Build Queue is visible in both gameplay and observer modes. Using the Global Build Queue you’ll get an overview of all your upgrades and units in queue at all times in the HUD.
      • Click specific tiles within the Global Build Queue to select the building the unit or upgrade is queuing within (or the unit itself for build-on-the-field siege units) and optionally move the camera to that location based on the current “Find and Cycle Units & Buildings” setting
      • Ctrl+Click tiles in the Global Build Queue to cancel the most recently queued item in the stack
      • The Global Build Queue can be disabled or set to “Upgrades Only” in the in-game settings
      • Use hotkeys to cycle between “Show All,” “Upgrades Only,” and “Hide.” The default hotkey for this function is Ctrl+Shift+Q
  • We know you’ve been looking for improved hotkeys, and while we still have some work underway and planned for the future, Season One includes a number of exciting changes! For a deeper in-depth look, check out the Keyboard Controls and Quality of Life section below.
    • We’ve added the ability to rebind hotkeys to Mouse 3, 4, and 5
    • Quickly toggle on or off Control Group exclusivity, or use any number of new hotkeys to add or remove a unit from a Control Group
    • You will be able to bind other commands to the “ALT” and “Shift” keys
      • We are aware that hotkeys bound to Alt, Shift or Ctrl can lose functionality after restarting the game. Our teams are working on a fix for this
    • New Global Hotkeys enable you to cycle or select all buildings of a specific type, cancel items in production queues, save camera locations, and much more
    • Additional categories have been added to the hotkey menu to improve navigation
  • It is now possible to navigate on the map after being eliminated or when the game is over in Skirmish and Multiplayer games. You can go back and forth between the map and the post-game screen using the “Continue” and “Back” buttons.
    • The Fog of War is revealed to all players when the game is over
    • There is a new “Reveal on elimination” setting for custom games, revealing the Fog of War to eliminated players
  • Introducing the Patrol Move in-game! Patrol allows units to move along a path and attack any enemies they see.
  • You can now use the “Random” civilization selection option when setting up for a match.
  • We’re unveiling a brand new Art of War challenge with Advanced Combat. Refine your strategy and challenge yourself to earn Gold!
  • A queue dodging cooldown system has been added that applies a 5, 15, 30 and 60-minute lock out to Quick Match and Ranked queues. While your very first queue dodge will not require a cooldown period, all subsequent queue dodging will result in a cooldown with the time period escalating from 5 minutes and so on. Please note that the cooldown period resets after 24 hours
  • We’ve made some improvements to the layout of the Chinese Dynasty UI!
    • The Chinese Dynasty Button now fits snugly next to the official button
    • We’ve updated the visual style of the Chinese Dynasty UI, including the button used to expand the dialog
  • Based on Player feedback and data, we have made difficulty tuning to six Campaign missions. Adjustments were made to reduce the number of enemy units, in addition to smaller changes to make the missions easier and in some cases shorter. You can read on below for more details, but the affected missions are:
    • North to York
    • Siege of Wallingford
    • Combat of the Thirty
    • Siege of Paris
    • Battle of Pontvallain
    • Battle of Formigny
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Itulah beberapa update di Seasons Update ini, untuk List Lengkap bisa baca di Website Resmi Age of Empires IV.

Silahkan disimak dan update terbaik menurut kalian yang bagian mana?

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