How To Add Breadcrumb Rich Snippet without Plugin on WordPress

Hi, it’s me again. We will share my first WordPress Hacks & Tutorial. It’s all about Rich Snippet. And the first Rich Snippet I want to share is Breadcrumb. How To Add Breadcrumb Rich Snippet without Plugin on WordPress and fully verified on Google

Why we share this tricks, it’s because we use it and I know this Code not belong to me, we got this code from RedWafe Lite WordPress Theme. You can check it here about this theme. And then we improve it and make it more Google Friendly Successfully tested via Google Rich Snippet Testing tools.

Our code is base on So before we recode, here is first code that we used and still  got failed on Google Rich Snippet Testing Tools..

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Google still identified that code still not 100% Google Breadcrumb Friendly. Here is the code that we use.

So, after we read about Breadcrumb Rich Snippet we found it that this code have a lot of unnecessary code and missing something, so we began explore and rebuild it.

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And we make it Google Rich Snippet Friendly. Here is my modified version and make it Google Rich Snippet Friendly.

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With latest code, Breadcrumb Rich Snippet for WordPress will work without any issues. Next step is how to put it on your Current Themes?

To put this code, you will need a little bit knowledge XHTML, CSS and PHP. We will show you how to do that. Here is the step by step to integrate with your theme.

  1. Goes to WP-ADMIN and logging, then goes to Appearance > Editor.
  2. Then find functions.php on your themes and edit it.
  3. Then put on the code on the end of your current functions.php and save it.
  4. Open another file (header.php) and put this code
  5. Then final step, open your css files (style.css) and put this code in the end of your style.css line
  6. Save and Done
  7. Test it by open single post and copy the URL and test it
  8. Fix 😉
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It’s easy right, by using this code, your Breadcrumb will work great on Google Search. Need Prove? Here is our recent screenshot

If you want try, you can download Go Satu Kha WP Theme that was included with this code and work without any worries. Go Satu Kha WP Theme is Child Theme of Twenty Seventeen.


  1. Hey, this was great!

    There’s only one thing missing, how would you go about a parent page?

    Home > parent page > page


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