How To Add Custom Stylesheet on WordPress Theme and Bypass Cache System

Nowadays, many website using Cache System to accelerated Website. The issues with cache technologies is we can’t get Live Version our modified design via (CSS), it’s because our site stylesheet already cached. So we need really hard to get the latest version of our modified design/UI.

Now.. we will share the simplest solution to make our design will be live immediately and bypass Cache System. To do that we need to add extra code and create another .css files to make this code always got the latest version. We use WordPress functions that called wp_enqueue_style

Here is the simply way to bypass Cache System on our CSS files on WordPress.

  1. The first step, you need login to your WordPress Server via FTP. Because we need to create one files (example me.css) and of course we need modified and added extra line of code on our functions.php
  2. Login to your Server via FTP and goes to your current theme and add me.css
  3. Now, open functions.php then add this code
  4. Done
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Easiest way bypass Cache WordPress Stylesheet
Easiest way bypass Cache WordPress Stylesheet

I will explain, the code that we put on functions.php is to bypass Web Cache System. Because we added MD5 in the end of me.css.

So each time our site requested, web server alway request NEW me.css, so the latest modified will be used.

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It’s easy right? The code we used is taken from my brothers Pak TED

source images via Flickr

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