It’s Not Easy To Be Consistent, but it’s Possible

I am not an expert, but I love and enjoy learning something new. Today much be better than Yesterday.

But my current issues and problem is To Be Consistent in Almost everything, but we should try and try. Make something good become habits is not easy but when reach it.. Our life much better and enjoy-full. So Keep Learning Keep doing something good.

And.. sorry for my Terrible English 😉

From .COM to .NET: I lost my .COM

I am forgot where is I register my PAKDHW dot COM and I didn’t got any email or notifications that my .COM already EXPIRED since February 2019.

When I tried to search on my Daily Mail I can’t find it, then I got info that PAKDHW dot COM already purchased by someone and this domain right now on SALE with VERY PREMIUM PRICE.

Than I move and I decide to use PAKDHW.NET for the this TINY PROJECT